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27 October 2023: The Defence Developer Services (D2S) will shortly commence work on its re-use strategy and the discovery and delivery of a reusable components service. As part of this, we will commence a Discovery activity for the Design System Toolkit. During the Discovery Phase, the MOD.UK Frontend and Design Library will be in maintenance mode with no further enhancements being made during this time. Only high priority issues such as security fixes or outages will be completed.

2 May 2023: We’ve updated MOD.UK Frontend to include improvements from GOV.UK Frontend v4.6.0. This includes visual improvements to some components.

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Make your service look like other internal MOD services using colour, typography, spacing and layout.

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Use accessible components, including headers with the Ministry of Defence logo and colours.

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Design and prototype Defence services using the MOD.UK Figma Design Library.

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Email the MOD.UK Design System team at if you have questions or feedback.