Components are reusable parts of the user interface.

MOD.UK Design System components are:

  • based on GOV.UK Design System components
  • suitable for internal Defence services
  • accessible and tested with users
  • shown with coded examples

We’ve changed the font in all the components and included the Ministry of Defence logo in the header component.

We’ve also used MOD branding colours in the following components:

  • header
  • notification banner
  • phase banner
  • tag

If your service is not hosted on GOV.UK, you cannot use GOV.UK components without changing the font and logo.

Adapting components

You can adapt our components. Make sure you:

If you need components that are not in the MOD.UK Design System or have feedback, email

Design Library

Our components are also available in the MOD.UK Figma Design Library. You can use these components for designing and prototyping user interfaces.